PaperOne™ is a range of premium quality home and office paper made from 100% renewable fibre and designed for the most demanding printing and copying tasks.


While you may spend alot of time searching for the best printer or copier, it is also important to find the best paper to suit your devices for the best results.

PaperOne™ with ProDigi™ Nanotechnology takes care of these problems by delivering the best papers suited to your printer or copier, whether at home, in the office or in a commercial environment. As a result of years of research, the technology evolution has enabled users of PaperOne™ papers to enjoy the highest performance from both inkjet and dry toner equipment.

When you buy a PaperOne™ product enhanced with ProDigi™ Nanotechnology, what you get is a smooth treated paper that ensures ink stays on the paper surface.

Based on an independent evaluation conducted by Buyers Laboratory (BLI), our paper has proved to show more. Our paper has shown more vibrant color, denser blacks, and crisp lines, and saves up to 18% of ink use* as compared to other uncoated paper. Images and text stand out as they should, in an impactful visual presentation.

You will notice no smudging, color wicking or other common problems. At the same time, the low abrasion on a PaperOne™ product means the wear on your printer is reduced, prolonging its lifespan.

This brings clear improvements over regular printing paper, whether you are producing a presentation to share with potential clients, or a research report for school.

With ProDigi™ Nanotechnology, PaperOne™ has a wide variety of papers that make the most impact on your audience.

They are the perfect partner for the latest home, office or commercial digital printing equipment.